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What is Initiate!?

What is Initiate!?

Energy waits for no one and the need for fast forward innovation is knocking on our doors.

Initiate! is the global movement that breeds talent, empowers next gen energy entrepreneurs and creates impactful programmes to move our industry forward.

Founded in 2014, Initiate! brings together startups, students, corporate executives, public sector innovators and investors around the world.

Do you want to make an impact on the future of energy?

Your journey starts here!

Our purpose

Initiate! is dedicated entirely to accelerating change and encouraging growth within the global power and energy industry.

Our purpose is to foster innovation by empowering and connecting the next generation of tech and talent. 

Together we stand for a just and fair energy transition.

Is Initiate! for you?

Is Initiate! for you?

Everyone has the power to play a role in the energy transition.

Paramount to making a sustainable impact, are the social, economic and cultural drivers that facilitate a change in mind-set.

Diversity is our strength and that’s exactly why we encourage everyone to step up and contribute to Initiate!

Join our global energy movement and connect with:

• Startups • Young professionals • Smart energy students • Universities • Social entrepreneurs • Energy companies • Financial institutions • HR professionals • Investors • Accelerators and many more...

Success stories

Success stories

The Initiate! community likes to cheer each other on, celebrate successes and follow participants along their journeys. Success stories brought along by taking part in Initiate! programmes are plenty.

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Fans of Initiate!

Fans of Initiate!

Initiate! is not just another innovation theatre. The focus is on true impact. Our fans love to tell you how being part of the Initiate! community has helped them open doors and make meaningful connections. 

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Partner with Initiate!

Partner with Initiate!

Become an Initiate! partner and work closely with the next generation of tech and talent. Position your company as a champion of innovation, attract bright minds to your brand and help accelerate the transition.

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You can find Initiate! around the globe attending and hosting events.
Each meet-up is designed to target the challenges relevant to a specific region or continent. 
With the common goal of collectively accelerating the energy transition through next gen tech, next gen talent and a next gen mindset.

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